6 months and 17 days in tuberculousis clinic...

Who never had to hide something for society, out of the FEAR to be judged and                                                             unaccepted?

       It is HARD even to admit it for yourself.

The Project "Hold your breath" is a series of artworks by Paulina Siniatkina, made during her 6 months of treatment in a Moscow TB clinic. Since March 2016, the project travels the world to raise awareness about tuberculosis amongst young people. By purhasing a painting from the series, you will donate 50 % to the cause of fighting tuberculosis. If you are interested in showing this exhibition in your city, or if you want to purhase one of the paintings, please send an email to paulinafinearts@gmail.com

 paulinafinearts@gmail.com  Tel. +79067732857

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2016 By Paulina Siniatkina

Don't speak!

tempera on canvas 100x105